16 gambling facts about Lui Che-Woo

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Not much is known about this billionaire from Hong Kong, but Lui Che-Woo is a very rich man. At one point in time, he was the second richest man in Hong Kong, behind that of Li-Ka Shing.


Facts about Lui Che-Woo

Lui Che-Woo is one of Hong Kong’s less known billionaire and he often keeps a low profile.

Here are a few facts about him:

1). Lui Che Woo was born in Jiangmen, Guangdong, China on January 17th 1929.

2). The dude has five children, Francis Lui, Yiu Wah Alexander Lui, Paddy Tang Lui Wai Yu, Lawrence Lui.

3). His current net worth is $14.1 billion. But in 2014 he was worth $22 billion.

4). Although the source of his wealth is from his casinos, he has business interests in properties, hotels, leisure, among others.

5). Lui operates two conglomerates, one is K. Wah International Holdings Ltd that looks after his property and other interests. The other is the Galaxy Entertainment Group.

6). He was chairman of the Tung Wah Group of Hospitals in 1981-82.

7). Lui is one of Macao’s six gaming operators with Galaxy Entertainment. Other operators include SJM Holdings (Stanley Ho) and Las Vegas Sands (Sheldon Adelson).

8). He made a significant investment in the Philippines. As a return for obtaining a gaming license in Boracay, Lui promises investment of up to $500 million building eco-friendly resort in the area.

9). His first venture was in the construction industry, Lui specializes in supplying construction materials. In fact, his casino business is one of his later ventures.

10). His Galaxy Entertainment Group has a market capitalization of $210 billion Hong Kong dollars ($27 billion).

11). Before stepping into the big time, Lui Che Woo got his business experience as a peanut seller during the Second World War under Japanese occupation

12). By 1982, Lui got an MBE by the Queen and made Justice of the Peace in 1986.

13). There was an asteroid named after him called the ‘Lui Che Woo Star.’

14). In 2011, he opened a $2 billion hotel-casino, which includes over 2,000 rooms, 50 restaurants, hundreds of gambling tables, along with a beach and wave pool.




1). In 1999, Lui provides funds to Stanford University to set-up the Lui Che Woo research laboratory.

2). There is the Lui Che Woo Prize, which he founded on September 24th 2015. The idea is to find solutions to the world’s problems. Lui set up three categories, which include sustainability, welfare betterment, and positive energy. The winner gets $2.56 million towards their idea.


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