About Us

Welcome to the Monster Tube Network site.

Hi, my name is Walter, and I am the mastermind behind this website.

The idea and purpose are covering topics people want to read about without resorting to opening several websites or content that lacks content.

It means Monster Tube Network isn’t a niche website. To determine if these topics qualify for a write-up, I would use the “Keyword Golden Ratio” (Concept devised by Doug Cunnington) to find keywords that lacks internet coverage and getting searched by internet users.

For subjects/keywords to make it to the Monster Tube Network, they must comply with the following criteria: –

1). The search result must be below 100, using “Allintitle: ‘keywords/keyphrases'”;

2). But most importantly, the Keyword Golden Ratio must be below 0.35.
(P.S.: The equation for the Keyword Golden Ratio is “Allintitle: ‘keywords’ results” divided by “Monthly searches.”)

With the ratio is below 0.35 means these particular subjects are under coverage relative to the number of searches.

Using the Keyword Golden Ratio is just one part of the battle.
The next part is writing the article.

At Monster, I can promise articles are thoroughly researched to the best of my ability. The aim is to write between 1,300 words (response post) and 2,000 words+ (normal post).
It helps Monster to distinguish and differentiate itself from other popular websites covering wide-ranging topics.

Thanks for reading and I hope this website will entertain while educating you on topics you loved and enjoyed.