Get to know 11 facts about Titus in the Bible

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facts about Titus in the bible


Titus wasn’t as popular, compared to Peter or Paul, which is why I’m educating you about him. You will learn the quick and easy way about 11 facts about Titus.

Trust me, it will save you a lot of time.



Here are 11 essential facts about Titus in the Bible:


Bible fact one: Titus was born in Antioch in Syria

Titus or Saint Titus was born in the early 1st century A.D. and died either 96 A.D. or 107 A.D.



Bible fact two: Titus was a Greek native and was a gentile by birth

A gentile is a person who is Non-Jewish.



Bible fact three: Titus was a personal convert of Paul

As Titus was a gentile, Paul was able to persuade Paul to be a Christian. Titus was an early Christian missionary and church leader. He was a companion and disciple of Paul the Apostle.

Likewise, Paul describes him as his son in the Christian faith.

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Bible fact four: Titus didn’t get mentioned in the Book of Acts

There is some conspiracy surrounding the issue of Titus. That is people assume Titus and Timothy as the same person.

Both were long-term companions of Paul.

There were many passages, including the Book of Acts that both these individuals have taken the same journey.

On the other hand, people would point out Titus went to Dalmatia, not Timothy.

Also, Timothy had circumcision, unlike Titus.

Still, some people think Titus was in the Book of Acts but under the informal name Timothy.



Bible fact five: Paul mentions Titus in his writings 13 times.

Just to let you know.

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Bible fact six: What are the most used words in the Book of Titus?

There is a four-way tie with the words, ‘good works’, ‘saviour’, ‘salvation’ and ‘sound doctrine.’

All got mentioned seven times.



Bible fact seven: Paul teaches Titus to be a good Christian

Paul gave Titus seven important advice on becoming a good Christian. The first was to learn from your elders.

The second was to be ready for good work.

The third was to preach the truth.

The fourth was to rebuke any false teachings.

The fifth was to maintain the order of the church.

Sixth was to keep the church pure.

Seventh was to be an example of faithful Christian.



Bible fact eight: Paul sent Titus to Corinth on three separate occasions

The first mission was to remedy the fallout when Timothy delivers 1 Corinthians that led to an unnamed person challenging Paul’s authority.

Then, Titus returns to Paul who wrote a ‘severe letter’ which Titus was acting as a courier. Both these missions were successful.

Finally, Paul wrote 2 Corinthians and sent Titus to deliver his message.

It what makes Titus a Christian Missionary.

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Bible fact nine: Titus went to Crete

After Paul release from prison by the Roman, he left for Crete to preach the gospel to the islanders. But Paul couldn’t finish his work, so Titus took over to complete Paul’s work.



Bible fact ten: Titus died on Crete

That mission to complete Paul’s work was to remain with Titus for the rest of his life. He died on Gortyn, Crete, either on 96 A.D. or 107 A.D. at the age of 80.

You can celebrate Saint Titus’s life on his feast day is on 26th January.



Bible fact eleven: Who is Saint Titus a patron saint for?

That would be the United States Army Chaplain Corps.

There is an award called the Order of Titus Award, which the Department of Defense described as, “Order of Titus award is the only award presented by the Chief of Chaplains to recognize outstanding performance of ministry by chaplains and chaplain assistants. The Order of Titus is awarded for meritorious contributions to the unique and highly visible Unit Ministry Team Observer Controller Program. The award recognizes the great importance of realistic, doctrinally guided combat ministry training in ensuring the delivery of prevailing religious support to the American Soldier.”




Titus lived his life as a true Christian preacher who listened and learned from Paul the Apostle. He is a faithful servant and an advocate of spreading Christianity in the Roman Empire. I hope you enjoy the facts about Saint Titus and explaining your knowledge of the Bible.

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