15+ countries that are most at risk if World War 3 does actually happen

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Last year I did a brief article on the 12 safest countries (which I recently updated) if World War 3 breaks out.

If we know some of the safest countries in the world, then what about the riskiest countries that will become most affected if World War 3 does happen?

Below, I will break the countries that are most at risk, if World War 3 does actually happen.


If World War 3 does break out, you should move out of the following countries:


Number one: America

America is one of the riskiest countries you could be in if World War 3 breaks out. It is also one of two nations with the most operational nuclear weapons. Add in the fact that the U.S. has over 800 bases around the world, it likely to participate in any major conflict. At the same time, America can expect retaliation from its enemies, especially Russia.

Still, don’t believe me, go and watch The Terminator Movies!


Number two: Russia

Although Russia is the largest country in the world, it is also one of the countries that are likely to get involved in World War 3 were to happen. Russia has the most nuclear weapons in the world.

Yet, most of Russia’s major cities are in the West and far East, you want to think the hinterland (aka. Siberia) would be spared.


If there is nuclear fallout, expect a nuclear winter.

Siberia is already one of the coldest places on Earth, it will get a lot colder, and the chances of survival is little to none.


Number three: China

China has been a nuclear nation since the 1960s and is likely to side with Russia. That means the Western retaliation in the form of nuclear warheads. Plus, even if China manages to take minimum impact from the war, the population will starve because the country relies on food imports.

If you read China’s 5,000 years history, there have been times when famine forced the populace to turn to cannibalism for self-preservation.

You don’t want to be a happy meal for the strongest and toughest bastards.


Number four: Great Britain

I know this sound like a broken record, but as a nuclear state and buddy to the United States, Great Britain is likely to get hit by Russia, if World War 3 breaks out.

Given the U.K. small stature, it doesn’t take more than a dozen hydrogen bombs to destroy every single city on the island.


Number five: Poland

Ah, you think I was about to say France.

Well, I put Poland ahead of France because they want to protect America from a Russian attack. That’s because Poland is likely to host anti-ballistic missiles inside their territory. The Poles have signed a contract with the U.S. to buy MIM-104 Patriot missile systems back in 2018. These are likely to come into operation in 2020 and 2021.

If Russia was to attack America with nuclear weapons, then it becomes far less effective, due to the layers of anti-ballistic missiles defence. So, expect the Russians to send in their Air Force to take out European defences.

That means Poland is a prime target.


Number six: India

I don’t know if India will participate in World War 3, but you should properly leave the country for this reason.

It is the second-most populous nation on Earth, behind China.

Even if no nuclear weapons hit India, the nuclear winter would disrupt the harvest and the water supply will likely be contaminated, leaving hundreds of millions of people sick and starving. And like China, you don’t want to be a happy meal for someone else!


Number seven: Israel

The current political climate in the Middle East put Israel at risk of an attack. So far, the country has to endure rocket attacks from various militant groups claiming Israel as their enemy. It is also possible; World War 3 could start in the Middle East.

If not, then Israel’s largest allied America will become pre-occupied fighting Russia and this will invite an attack around the various Muslim countries surrounding them.


Number eight: Various countries in the Middle-East

The current news between Iran and the U.S. shouldn’t be viewed as the coming of World War 3. I urge you to please stop listening and reading Tweets from people who don’t specialise in world politics.

Also, the death of President Kennedy in the 60s didn’t lead to World War 3, let alone the death of some unknown Iranian general!

Who are these countries that hate Israel or likely to attack Israel, if America is preoccupied with something else?

Think of countries like Iran, Iraq, Turkey, Lebanon, Syria, Egypt and so forth. If conflict breaks out, you can expect Israel to respond with nuclear weapons.

P.S. I don’t know how many nuclear weapons Israel, but estimates are between 75 and 300.


Number nine: France

You thought I was going to leave France out.


But, unlikely Britain, France alliances with America isn’t that strong.

There are some uncertainties over how France would react if conflict does break out. The chances of France joining the war is around 65%-70%, compared to 99% from Great Britain.


Number Ten: Various countries in Europe

Europe host hundreds of thousands of American troops and largest are in Germany and Italy. It means European survival is less likely as it too becomes a prime target of the enemy.


Number eleven: North Korea, South Korea and Japan

If America gets bogged down in a major conflict that doesn’t involve North Korea, then the likelihood of North Korea attacking South Korea is high. The country is ‘technically’ at war with their southern neighbours and they desperately want to realise their dreams of reuniting with the South, even though it will cost the lives of millions of people.

Also, there is a good chance of Japan intervening to protect South Korea or doesn’t want to see Korea unified.


Number twelve: Taiwan (China)

Speaking of reunification, China wants to realise its dreams of unifying with Taiwan (as long as America and China aren’t involved in a major conflict with each other).

Fun fact: Currently, China has nearly 2,000 missiles pointing at the Taiwan island.

I know people don’t want to hear this, unless Taiwan surrenders peacefully or a major conflict could break out, leading to millions of people dying on both sides.



The irony

Although I stated the above nations are the riskiest if World War 3 breaks out, I believe some of these countries are the safest.

Especially, if you are an elite and powerful figure in your respective country. You would have access to a luxury nuclear-proof bunker for a period of time.


If you are an American elite, you have access to the following underground bunkers:

1). Mount Weather in Virginia;

2). Cheyenne Mountain in Colorado;

3). Raven Rock Mountain Complex in Pennsylvania-Maryland;

4). Iron Mountain in Massachusetts;

5). The Greenbrier Bunker in Virginia;

6). Denver International Airport in Colorado.


For those who are closed to the Russian leader and is part of the elite, they have access to a massive underground facility at Yamantau Mountain. The underground bunker covers over 400 Sq. miles or slightly smaller than Hong Kong.

Next, the Chinese have one of the largest underground bunkers in the world. Located in Beijing, it is 2km underground, and the Chinese leaders could access it from their office in the Forbidden City.


For those who are super-rich, but not necessarily powerful, you could afford to buy a luxury bunker with all the latest technology.




Defining the term riskiest nation to be living in if World War 3 breaks out is SUBJECTIVE to the CLASS and WEALTH of the person. Most ordinary people would not survive (unless they have a personal workable underground bunker) when fallout happens.

And yet, the irony is the elite and people with specialist skills would likely to survive the coming Armageddon.

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