Ultimate guide to the month of October

October trivia and fun facts



If you only know October to be the 10th month of the year and you celebrate Halloween, there is a lot more for you to learn.

It’s not your fault because most people don’t know either.

What is learn about October?

You can learn about the origin of October and historic events that made the headlines. Then there are the numerous days of celebration like Apple Day.


Profile of October

Let’s begin with an introduction of October.

1). October is the tenth month in the Julian and Gregorian calendar and the eighth month in the Roman calendar.


October trivia and fun facts

2). The flower that symbolises October is calendula. It represents comfort, healing, protection and grace.


3). Your star signs on the period of October is the sign of Libra and the sign of Scorpio. Libra falls around (September 23-October 22) and Scorpio (October 23-November 21).


4). The birthstone of October is the tourmaline and the opal.

Tourmalines can help you bring peace and calm (even under pressure). It could defeat emotions like anger and jealousy.

Opal can cure your eye infections, improve memory, calm nerves and enhance creativity.


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5). Once an upon a time, the ancient Saxons called the month of October “Wintirfyllith.”

It’s because of a full moon during the winter.



Top Historical Headlines in October

Here are some general knowledge trivia that made headlines on October:


1). Battle of Hastings; – One of the most famous battles in British history that took place on 14th October 1066. It was one of the bloodiest battles with thousands of soldiers losing their lives in a single day.

2). Columbus; – Christopher Columbus made landfall in America on 12th October 1492. His arrival marks the beginning to the change of power in ‘The Americas.’

3). Hundred Years War; – The war between France and England came to an end on 19th October 1453. It began on 24th May 1337. During this period, England saw five kings come and go (the same with France).

4). United Nations; – the founding of the United Nations was on the 24th October 1945. Unlike the League of Nations, the U.N. still exist to this day.

5). German reunification; – East and West Germany completed their reunification on 3rd October. Germany became whole for the first time since the Second World War.

6). The birth of the ‘SOS’ signal; – SOS became an international distress signal on 3rd October 1906. Thanks to British Marconi International Marine Communication Company and the German company Telefunken.

The initial SOS doesn’t stand for anything.

7). Nevada; – On the 31st October 1864, Nevada became the 36th state of the United States.

8). First balloon flight; – Mankind took their first trip on a balloon on 15th October 1783. Jean Francois Pilatre de Rozier, Francois Laurent and Marquis d’Arlandes were the first people to travel on a balloon.

9). First Satellite in Space; – 4th October saw the Soviet Union launched the world’s first satellite in space. Beating the Americans.

10). The beheading of Marie Antoinette; – On the 16th October 1793, France saw the beheading of Marie Antoinette, who was the Queen and husband of Louis XVI. Charged for treason, conspiracy and collusion with France’s domestic and foreign enemies.

11). First CD player; – On October 1, 1982, Sony gave the Japanese the first CD player. It didn’t arrive in American till the Spring of 1983. The price: $1,000.

First CD player


12). Post Office Tower opening; – the iconic Post Office Tower, now known as the BT Tower was opened on the 8th of October in 1965. The construction cost £2 million and was (at the time) the tallest building in London. The tower is to support microwave aerials for the purpose of telecommunication.



Let’s celebrate the day of October


1). World Habitat Day

On the first Monday of October, the world reflects on the state of our towns and cities. Its to empathize the basic right of having adequate shelter.


2). World Food Day

On the 16th of October, the world marks World Food Day. World Food Day began by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations in 1945.

Its purpose to raise awareness of food security.

Since 1981, World Food Day celebrated different themes each year. Examples include ‘Food and Nutrition’ in 1992 or ‘Fight hunger to reduce poverty’ in 2001.

Here is why World Food Day is important:

If the world as a village of 100 people, you will discover that:

-32 don’t breathe clean air;

-40 won’t have access to sanitary facilities;

-24 will have no electricity;

-25 have no immediate access to clean water;

-Only 30 people have the privilege to eat on a daily basis.


3). Columbus’s Day

Columbus’s Day

Celebrating the life of Italian explorer, Christopher Columbus on discovering America in 1492.  The date of the celebration is in the second week of every Monday in America.

Other Latin American countries observe this day too.


4). National Poetry Day

The day is on the first Thursday of October and the U.K. and Ireland are observing this day.

P.S. America has National Poetry Month.

Origin of National Poetry Day is by William Sieghart in 1994. But since 1999, it became a theme-day celebration. Examples of these themes include ‘Light’, ‘Home’, ‘Journeys’ and many more.


5).  Fire Prevention Week

The origin behind Fire Prevention Week is to remember the 300 lives lost in the Great Fire of Chicago in 1871.

The celebration begins on the first Sunday of October to Saturday.


6). Apple Day

Apple Day is a celebration of all thing’s apple and cider in Great Britain. The event started in 1990 on 21st October.

To celebrate your favourite apple, you would learn how to grow them, make juice out of them and use them to bake an apple pie. Anyway, there hundreds of varieties of apples.

N.B.: People in Sweden also celebrate Apple Day in September.


7). National Day of the People’s Republic of China

On the 1st of October, China celebrates the founding of the People’s Republic of China in 1949. It’s a week-long celebration marking the triumphant of Communism over the Nationalist in China.


8). World Post Day

Started in Bern, Switzerland by the Universal Postal Union on 9th October 1874. It became a worldwide celebration in 1969.

It’s to highlight the importance of the postal service.


9). End Poverty Day

The first commemoration took place in Paris, France in 1987 on the 17th of October. It’s to highlight the problems of hunger, fear, violence and poverty.


10). Whip Dog Day

This is a strange celebration in the U.K. on the 18th of October. The origin of the custom occurs when a dog swallowed the consecrated wafer during a service in York Minster. These are ‘Dog-Whippers’ and their job is to keep stray dogs out of churches.



October’s trivia and fun facts

In this section, you get to learn miscellaneous facts about October.

1). Starting with ‘The Hunt for Red October’, starring Sean Connery. It’s the only film with the word ‘October’ in the title that won an Oscar.

2). If you are an American and born on October (or happens to be male and white (except for Obama)), then you are likely to become President. There are six months born in October. They are:

-John Adams

-Rutherford B. Hayes

-Chester A. Arthur

-Theodore Roosevelt

-Dwight D. Eisenhower

-Jimmy Carter

You are unlikely to be President if you are born in September, except for William H. Taft.

3). William Shakespeare isn’t a fan of October because you won’t find the word anywhere in his play or sonnet.

4). The holiday of Halloween comes from “All Hallows’ Eve” or the night before “All Hallows” day (“All Saints” day) as in old English “hallow” means “to sanctify”.

5). In the Southern hemisphere, October is the seasonal equivalent to April.



October’s babies

These are some trivia and fun facts about people who are born in October.


1). They are likely to be taller and have bigger bones

Ruling out people with the genetic disorder, people born in October are more likely to be taller and have bigger bones.

Why is that?

One reason is down to the amount of vitamin D exposure on the baby during pregnancy. It’s because of exposure from the sunshine.

You shouldn’t get too carried away because it isn’t realistic to compare yourself with other people. Rather compare yourself to your younger or older brother born during the winter months.


2). Romantic babies

People born in October make romantic partners if you happen to believe in astrology.

Ruled by Venus, they create harmony amongst people and known as ‘peacemakers.’


3). They can hurt other people feelings, but recover faster

They often have short temper and lacks control over their anger. It leads them to hurt others. Yet, they themselves recover much quicker because of being nice people.


4). Calm and intelligent

Contrary to the above, not all October born lose their temper and they are often calm and cool under pressure. They prefer to find common ground, rather than putting themselves in conflict with others.


5). Business suave

They are often hard-working people and are very determined to succeed in life. Also, they like to take on challenges.

Bill Gates

Just mention Bill Gates, who’s one of the richest men in the world. Also, out of the 250 richest billionaires, people born on the star sign, Libra is more likely to be billionaires.


6). Less at risk of suicide

People born in October is more immune to committing suicides. According to the British Journal of Psychiatry, they are 17% less likely.



Let’s celebrate the whole month

On October, there is a lot of events to look forward to. You will find some obscure and shocking things people celebrate.


1). World Vegetarian Month

World Vegetarian Month

To celebrate veganism, this is your month. It began by the North American Vegetarian Society on October 1st, 1977.

So, why not begin your vegan journey for a month.


2). National Pork Month

For meat lovers, this is the month to celebrate with your pork chops.

Fun fact: U.S. pork contributes only one-third of 1% of greenhouse gas emissions, making it environmentally-friendly.


3). Breast Cancer Awareness Month

It’s the month to increase breast cancer awareness among women. A campaign by all the breast cancer charities from around the world to raise money for cancer research, cures and prevention.

The origin of breast cancer awareness came from the National Breast Cancer Awareness Month (NBCAM) in America in 1985.


4). National Cookie Month

Yes, enjoy baking your cookies.


5). Black History Month

Learn about the achievement of Black’s diaspora and the history of slavery.

In Europe, Black History Month is in October, instead of February in the U.S. and Canada.

The origin of Black History Month known as Negro History Week in 1926 by Carter G Woodson. The celebration took place around the second week of February.

Then in 1970, members of Kent State University began floating the idea of Black History Month. Six years later, President Gerald Ford made it official.


6). Oktoberfest

Although, not quite a month, but 16 days’ worth of celebration from late September to October. It’s a celebration in Germany marking the marriage of Prince Ludwig of Bavaria to Princess Therese of Saxony-Hildburghausen on October 12, 1810. They named the celebration ‘Oktoberfest.’


7). Dwarfism

Little people of America gather to celebrate National Dwarfism Awareness. Hosted by the organisation ‘Little People of America’, its mission is to promote awareness of the little people in human society.

The idea is to improve the quality of people with dwarfism.

In the UK and the rest of the world, they mark the 25th October as International Dwarfism Awareness Day.


8). Eczema Awareness Month

The aim is to raise awareness and reduce the stigma of eczema. Things like across all races, at least 10% of people would suffer some form of eczema in their lifetime.


9). Pharmacists

In America, they celebrate the accomplishments and achievement of pharmacists. More importantly, it’s to make people aware that their local pharmacists can help with various daily illnesses. It saves you time going to the doctors.




I bet you didn’t think this was a long article. That’s because we didn’t know Christopher Columbus discovered America in October 1492. Then there was the fact that people born in October is likely taller than their siblings. My brother is born in October and he happens to be taller than me who was born on January (no sunlight to grow me grow).

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