Presidential Motorcade: 20 ultimate facts

Presidential motorcade facts


Did you know the Presidential Motorcade has bulletproof windows that are 5 inches thick? Also, it stores the President’s blood type, in case of an attack.

If you didn’t, you should strip in and buckle your belt.

You will learn everything about the presidential motorcade, also known as the ‘beast.’


To make it easier, I have the topic down into these sections:

Profile of the presidential motorcade;

Procedures when the President is travelling on the road;

History and headlines of the President’s motorcade.



Profile of the presidential motorcade, a.k.a the ‘beast’

President’s limo security features


In this section, you will learn (almost) everything about the presidential motorcade’s anatomy. From the type of tyres and security features, it possesses to keeping the President of the United States safe. Here are some ‘beast’ facts about ‘The Beast’:


1). The Beast’s interior

Since the current U.S. President has a thing for luxury, the Beast’s interior cloth and leather are hand-out and sewn on.


2). What’s my name?

Apart from ‘The Beast’, people often refer to it as “Limousine One” or “Cadillac One”. Its code name is “Stagecoach.”


3). Diesel is the way to go

Although the world is embracing hybrids and electric vehicles, we can’t say the same done for “The Beast” because it prefers diesel.

There is a purpose and that diesel is readily available and less flammable. Or less shocking (if you get what I mean).

If he wins, Presidential candidate, Andrew Yang looks to make ‘The Beast’ environmentally-friendly.


4). The President’s motorcade is obese

The average weight for a limo is 3 tons. That’s way too light for the President’s motorcade. Its weight comes in at between 6,800kg and 9,100kg, over 3 times as heavy.


5). It’s obviously slow

I’m not knocking people who are obese, the more weight you put on, the slower you run.

That’s a scientific fact.

It’s the same with the president’s car, it is one of the heaviest limos around, but has a maximum speed of 60 mph.

Not only that, it is highly inefficient due to averaging 4 miles per gallon, whereas a typical limo avg. 18 miles per gallon.


6). Built like a tank

Here are a few security features:

A). Is the president limo bulletproof? You bet.

The windows are 5 inches thick because it has more than five layers of glass and polycarbonate. It can stop armour-piercing bullets.

B). There is military-grade armour on the side door and the car floor to prevent an attack from all angles. The armour made from steel, aluminium, titanium and ceramic, which includes steel-reinforced plates. By the way, the armour side door is 8 inches thick.

C). Plus, you will find a Kevlar mat, which gives the President added protection.


7). In case of emergency

In case the presidential motorcade ever gets attacked, there is a ‘panic’ button. It helps signal nearby entourage staff for help. By the way, an ambulance is part of that entourage.

P.S. The location and the number of panic buttons are unknown because it’s a secret.


8). Important to communicate

To communicate 24/7, the President has access to the most advanced communication devices. It includes having secure WIFI capabilities for his personal laptop and phone. There is a satellite to stay in touch with the Pentagon and his VP if America comes under attack.


9). Extraordinary Tires

Normal car tyres use normal rubber. But for the President’s motorcade, its made from Kevlar-reinforced material to withstand bullets.

If the tires were to blowout, the rims are so round it keeps the car moving.


10). Gadgets galore

‘The Beast’ hosted some awesome gadgets the secret service agents have access. These include:

-Night vision cameras;

-Oxygen supply for the President from chemical attack;

-Tear-gas grenades;

-A shotgun;

-And a fire extinguisher!


11). No keys

The President’s car has no keys and keyholes. Only the secret service knows how to open the passenger’s doors.


12). Limo’s fuel tank

In case you think about trying to hit the fuel tank, think again. It too is armour-plated to repel bullets. There is a second line of defence that consists of a special foam to keep the tank from exploding.


13). It comes at a heavy price

For reference, the average limo will set you back $75,000.

Estimates of the President’s motorcade is around $1.5 million per pop. It’s a good thing, the American taxpayers are paying for it!

If it cost that much to buy, how much money went into the R&D of the limo? The latest limo used in the inauguration of President Trump cost $15 million in research and development.


Monster’s resources

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1). If you want to learn about the job of a secret service agent and what it takes to keep the President’s safe, then I recommend watching this 1993’s movie epic “In the Line of Fire”, starring Clint Eastwood.

2). Do you want to hang a picture of a car, but don’t know which one?

Try the 2009 Cadillac Presidential Limousine. The canvas 24-inch x 36-inch and sells for £79.99 from Amazon. If that’s too big, then get the 20-inch x 30 inches for £50. For small, they have the 12-inch x 16 inches for £30.



Procedures when the President is travelling on the road


14). Tagging with the President around the world

‘The Beast’ follows the President around the world or should I say travel ahead of schedule. So, when the President arrives, it is ready to transport him to his destination.

To transport the presidential motorcade, the secret service would get the C-17 Globemaster transport plane.


15). There is more than one ‘Beast’

Yes, whenever the President is on the roll, there is a chance of an attack. We saw it with President Kennedy and President Reagan.

That’s why there are up to 40 similar vehicles (all looking the same) acting as decoys to throw the attackers off guard.

Sometimes, these ‘Other Beasts’ will carry other VIPs.


16). Added firepower

There is an SUV that’s part of an entourage. It’s the one vehicle with no secret agents you see jumping out.

‘six-barrelled’ Gatling gun

It’s useful in a gunfight because it carries a ‘six-barrelled’ Gatling gun that fires over thousands of rounds per minute.


17). Security Chief on board

One of the procedures, the President’s security officer must follow is having the chief of security on board when the President is travelling.


18). Yes, you can seat with the President

If you happened to be another powerful world leader or a well-known diplomat. The President’s motorcade can host three seats opposite the President and one adjacent to him.

In total, ‘The Beast’ can hold up to seven people.


19). The ‘J’ turn

What is the ‘J’ turn, you may ask?

Well, it’s the ability to manoeuvre the car in a 180-degree turn while shifting from reverse to drive without stopping. Think of the car travelling forward on the car, then suddenly travelling the other direction because of the ‘J’ turn manoeuvre.

And you need to able to perform this manoeuvre to become the President’s driver, as well as driving the President out of danger.


20). Can the President lower the car’s windows?

The answer is no. Because it would defeat the purpose of installing five-inch thick bulletproof windows!

The only person that can is the driver. He/she would lower it by a couple of inches.



History and headlines of the President’s motorcade

Now, we take a look at the history and evolution of the President’s motorcade.

21). President William McKinley was the first President to ride in a car back in 1900.

22). President Franklin D. Roosevelt rode on the 1936 Packard Touring Limousine.

23). In December 1941, Franklin Roosevelt became the first President to use an armoured vehicle. That was because of the Second World War. The limo once belonged to a crime boss named Al Capone. It has bulletproofed windows.

24). The assassination of President John F. Kennedy in 1963 changed everything when it came to security and the safety of future American Presidents.

25). By the mid-1960s, the limo can efficiently travel and follow the U.S. president in advance of his scheduled arrival.




There you have it, everything (also) you need to know about the President’s motorcade. Ever since President Kennedy’s assassination and with every new president, security seems to get tighter and tougher. From my perspective, the U.S. President is the most secure person in the world and it’s what set it apart with other world’s leaders.


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