The 12 Safest Countries To Be if World War 3 Happens



The Doomsday Clock measures the risk of nuclear war. Yesterday, a group of atomic scientists kept the clock to 2 minutes before midnight (same as last year).

Therefore, for the second year in a row, nuclear war is more likely at any time since 1953.

Opponents of the Doomsday Clock will say these aren’t political analysts or bias against Donald Trump.

Either way, we ALL want to know one thing: “How do we survive World War 3?”

To increase the chance of survivability, here are some of the safest countries from World War 3:


1). Canada

Although Canada is part of NATO and is likely to get hit, we are forgetting the country is huge. Remember that 90% of Canadians live within 150 miles from the U.S. border, this leaves the rest of the country empty for human inhabitants. There is a region called the Yukon Territory that is sparsely populated and very mountainous, making it a great place to hide.

To avoid a nuclear winter and to stay warm it would be a good idea to built a nuclear-proof bunker now.

Remember, Canada holds more than 30% of the world’s freshwater, so try and find a way to harvest this water while surviving underground.

And don’t forget sustainable farming, you need tonnes of fertilisers and soil. Also, don’t forget the seeds.


2). Bhutan

Bhutan is situated between China and India near the Himalaya Mountains. It is extremely secluded from the outside world.

In fact, Bhutan is 2,500 metres above sea level, but you would need to filter the water from nuclear radiation.

Apart from the natural protection, the nation doesn’t have any treaty with the U.S., so they are unlikely to join and fight.

Yet, a conflict with Pakistan, India or China would lower the status of Bhutan as a safe nation.



3). Ireland

Surprisingly, Ireland is a neutral country since the First World War. They are unlikely to get hit from a nuclear attack.

Although this is the case, it is close to Great Britain, exposing them to nuclear radiation.

The main reason I believe is safe with you have built a fully-functioning nuclear bunker that is able to sustain life for a longer period of time. Given the low Irish population, it wouldn’t be too hard to imagine building enough underground capacity to fit the whole population.

But the Irish should be wary of Brits knocking on their door.


4). Fiji

(P.S. Can you spot Fiji on the map?)

If you know Fiji’s history, they played host for British and American nuclear weapons testing in the 1950s. That led to radiation sickness and harm the health of ordinary Fijians.

As an isolated country in the Pacific, you would survive the initial fallout, but how long will it take for the food to get contaminated from nuclear radiation remains to be seen.


5). Tuvalu

Like Fiji, another island nation deep in the Pacific, making it very remote and isolated.


6). Norway

Norway is an odd case because it is known as the “doomsday vault,” also called the Global Seed Vault.

Inside are nearly a million seeds from all across the world, according to Time, from India, Mexico and Syria and could be used to repopulate food in the world in case of a large-scale war.

You can get a job in the doomsday vault to ensure your survivability.


7). Iceland

Crime is extremely low, and there are little struggles between classes or genders, being one of the most inclusive for LGBT rights and the majority of citizens being middle class.

There are also no military armed forces, eliminating the country as a threat.

I personally don’t know if the nation of Iceland will maintain these if World War 3 were to break out.

For those choosing to flee there, the terrain also protects it from invasion, being an island and a number of glaciers and arctic temperatures to deter armies.

The only problem is nuclear contamination in their food and water supply. If the Icelandic government were to build a nuclear bunker it should be able to accommodate the populace because the country has 370,000 people. For comparison purposes, Iceland is bigger than Ireland and has less than ten times the Irish population.

Plus, you get the chance to meet your favourite pop star Bjork.

The only thing that would threaten the Icelandic people is the volcano!


8). Switzerland

Whilst it borders Germany, France and Italy, which could be potential danger zones if World War 3 were to break out, Switzerland is somewhat protected by its mountains.

The country also has a tradition of neutrality, widespread bunkers and a heavily armed army, Switzerland has shown itself to be a safe haven during Europe’s violent past.

They’re the oldest neutral country in the world, since 1815, and they’ve not fought a foreign war since signing the Treaty of Paris.

Still, I fear a nuclear war wouldn’t bode well for Switzerland and other European nations unless you are well-connected and powerful. If you are one of the lucky ones to escape and living in a bunker, you get to enjoy Nestle cereal for breakfast.


9). New Zealand

New Zealand is also one of the most self-sufficient places in the world when it comes to food and agriculture, and has little draining of resources system thanks to a low population.  Being so secluded, it is rarely invaded due to the difficulty in travelling to it.

No dangerous wildlife and a lack of violence and terrorism both make it one of the safer options.



Geographically, Chile gets protection from the Andes and a great place to live if World War 3 breaks out. The country is the highest in human development of any Latin American nations.

More importantly, the air masses of the Southern and Northern hemispheres have a tendency to stay separated from each other. It helps to freshen Chile’s air constantly from replenishment by the clean Antarctic air.


11). South Africa

I know South Africa is going through some political crisis involving white farmers and land ownership.

If you happen to be black, South Africa could be the place for you when a nuclear war breaks out.


12). Botswana

Another African country that is moving up the economic ladder in its development. Most of the populace speaks English and the country is sparsely populated with 2 million people. Given its proximity from the actual war that is likely to take place, I would say Botswana is a safe place.


Bonus country: Sweden

Apparently, it has come to my attention that Sweden could be a ‘safe place’ for survival from nuclear war.

The country has built around 65,000 shelters that could house up to 7 million people. And yet, if all 7 million people were to find shelter, the food supply would last for 3 days.

Also, the country is unlikely to be a target for major powers to aim at, which increases your chance of survival.



Although these countries are unlikely to come under attack during World War 3, every country needs to contend with a nuclear winter.

A nuclear winter affects the global climate leading to a massive disruption in harvesting.

Also, you shouldn’t dismiss the spread of radiation which will seriously kill many more hundreds of millions via cancer and other related radiation diseases.

Ultimately, the perfect safety from World War 3 is hiding inside a large underground nuclear bunker with facilities to grow crops, check-up on health, an education centre, ample electricity and lots of food supply. Or, the rich and powerful have been floating an idea of a space station in space, where you are safe from Earth.



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