What are the 8 steps to indoctrination?

8 Steps of indoctrination


Cults/religion want you to join their cause and they target vulnerable people. Whether you lost a loved one, lonely or can’t make sense in the world, you are the target of a cult.


How does a cult attract you?

First and foremost, no cult can make you join them against your will. You have to be the one to make that decision. Otherwise, you are trouble for them.

The way cults recruit members to depend on their appeal and your individual personality.

It doesn’t mean they don’t have a step-by-step process attracting you to them. They have a secret process to indoctrinate anyone they think fit their organisation.

I called this the ‘8 steps of indoctrination’, to make you into their puppy.  These are:


Step 1: The Goal

Every cult/religion has a GOAL!!!

That goal is to persuade you to join their group.

All cult/religion preach towards a familiar theme, that you serve an idea or ideal that aren’t ATTAINABLE IN THE CURRENT LIFE.

Because they want you as a follower for life and they also NEED YOUR MONEY!


The Mormons believe people should become God and having anything.

The Jehovah Witnesses believe in reincarnation or one of the 144,000 chosen to go to heaven.

Even regular Christianity belief in heaven, afterlife on Earth.


At the end of the day, they all offer salvation AFTER YOUR LIFE HAVE LONG DESERTED PLANET EARTH!

It’s genius because you can’t sue them for lying.



Step 2: Invitation to a non-threatening event

If you happen to meet cult followers, they are not your typical salesman. They often never sell their cult hard. Instead, you get an invitation to their event.


The Aim?

To meet friendly followers.

Shake their hands.

Listen to their peaceful and loving message.


Psychologists call this “love-bombing” because it creates a positive association in your mind. It comes from attending events and coming away with a positive feeling.


The Moonies use a different sort of “love-bombing” to recruit members using attractive young ladies.



Step 3: Indoctrination: – the long drawn out process to getting you belonging in a cult

When you join an organisation, you are taking your first step towards indoctrination. You did so after hearing a persuasive argument and receiving the initial love.

After that initial step, the cult will ask for your commitment. You get to join them in meetings or other nefarious activities that they do on a regular basis.

You get to learn the ways of the cult, while you reassess your values and principles. This isn’t surprising and is what you want and expect.

For instance, if you work in a fish and chip shop, you are expected to fry the potatoes and the fish. Serve it to the customers in a friendly manner.

The Difference: A cult wants most of your time and attraction giving you very little free time. A job requires you to work the shift.


Read more: One form of indoctrination is predicting the end of the world. See how many famous people did it in “Here’s why no one can predict when the world is going to end.” (P.S. There are non-religious people jumping on this bandwagon.)


Step 4: I Will Break You

Now, that you have a taste of being in a cult. Their next step is to break your belief, behaviour and principle, so they mound theirs in you.

To install this step, they encourage you to neglect your intelligence and logic. They will give examples of greedy smart people and calling them the spore of Satan.

Yet, they fail to mention that smart people have got nothing to do with greed. It’s down to the lack of morals.

Next, they want you to bring ‘belief’ and ‘faith’ to the front and centre. You will answer questions using the cult’s faith and beliefs ‘ready-made’ answers.

It is a form of transforming your brain so you don’t ask smart questions.

By doing so, you are able to ignore any intelligent and logical answers when interacting with the public.


After persuading you towards their will, it’s time to truly commit. The more time, you spend with the cult, the less you have with your friends and family.

Also, it’s to make you complicit to any crime the cult might commit.

The further down you go into the rabbit hole, the harder it is to leave them.

Once your mind gets taken away, you will begin to find guidance in the leadership of the organisation.

And the leader or the board gives this guidance in the form of magazines, training, blessings, scriptures and much more.



Step 5: Controlling your every action = Isolation

After a certain level of indoctrination, the cult wants to control your everyday life.

They will begin to say those who don’t follow your ‘True’ beliefs are followers of Satan. It means you fear for your close friends and family, making you an involuntary recruiter.

If your friends and family don’t follow the beliefs of your cult, this leads to renouncing them from your life.

Sometimes, the cult decides your career path and the job you have chosen.

The aim is to isolate away from people who don’t belong in your cult, thus making you part of the cult’s family. THE ONLY FAMILY YOU WILL HAVE!

In turn, this could lead to promotion into a senior position with responsibilities. Thus, making you feel important.

More responsibilities = more of your time and commitment.



Step 6: Showing you some tough love

This step is tricky because it doesn’t apply to all cults.

To show tough love is to deprive followers of food and sleep or giving them tedious tasks keeps them away from unbelievers.

While tough love is getting implemented, the cult will reward with rest and comfort.

By making things desperate, it forces their followers to want more. It’s some sort of addiction.

N.B.: The ‘tough love’ technique is a double-edged sword because it can backfire, as followers could leave in troves. Unless it’s in the cult nature, you won’t find tough love in other cults.



Step 7: The Charismatic Leader

Most cults have a leader that is charismatic to the point you hang with their every word.

To add to his/her charisma, they are often born in an unusual way (i.e. the reincarnation of Jesus Christ or Moses).



Step 8: It doesn’t allow criticisms

The leadership of the cult don’t allow any criticism about their belief system.

Anyone showing doubt about their beliefs will get shamed by their followers. Or, they might have to go on a special visit for re-education.

If all else fails, the members are forced to leave leaving them without friends, so they look forward to a lonely life.



We mustn’t forget: The Holy Book (Last step)

Yes, every cult and religion have a sacred book filled with the words of God (presumably), be the Bible, Koran or the Book of Mormon.

When it comes to cults, it’s usually the cult leader who writes the doctrine, such as L Ron Hubbard’s book, Dianetics.

Anyway, the purpose of a book is to get people indoctrinated into the religion. However, this is much much later in the indoctrination process because they want to get you fully in their organisation!



Armed with how cults work you are able to read the signs (also behind the lines) of cult indoctrination. Still, there is this aching question that gets people to join in the first place. Before there was the question “Do you believe in God?”, there was “What is the purpose of life on Earth?” People who don’t understand or enjoy their life will always be the target for cult institutions. These people are already indoctrinated before they ever interacted with a cult member. It’s the sad reality of life. If you are enjoying life then don’t get put off course by cults who want your time and money.

Again, thanks for reading!

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